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Short Version of The Last Mile: On the Road to Eliminate Leprosy Produced [2022年05月31日(Tue)]
The Nippon Foundation has made a six-minute short film based on the documentary “The Last Mile: On the Road to Eliminate Leprosy,” an account of my more than 40-year battle to eliminate leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, and the discrimination and stigma associated with it.

Available in four languages−English, Japanese, French and Portuguese−it features highlights from the 104-minute original documentary, which followed me to 50 locations in 20 countries as I travelled in my capacity as WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Leprosy Elimination.

It showcases meetings I had over the years with people affected by leprosy to learn about their lives and familiarize myself with their concerns as well as with world leaders to seek their political commitment to leprosy elimination. It includes my brief encounter with Pope Francis, when I requested that he refrain from using the word “leprosy” in a discriminatory manner.

I sincerely hope the short film will be seen by many people, create greater awareness and resolve the misunderstanding and fear that linger around leprosy to ensure that those affected by the disease are able to lead their lives free from discrimination.

The short film can be seen here:

English / Japanese / French / Portuguese
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