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【Yohei Sasakawa Around the World】 (6) Visit to Nepal in 2010 [2020/12/22]

I would like to share with you a video taken during my visit to Nepal in January 2010 as chairman of The Nippon Foundation and WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Leprosy Elimination.  
During my visit I attended a ceremony in Kathmandu at which Nepal announced that it had officially achieved the goal of eliminating leprosy as a public health problem at the end of 2009, defined by the WHO as a reduction in the prevalence rate to below one case per 10,000 population. 

Among the world’s poorest countries, Nepal was confronting tremendous political and economic challenges as it struggled to find its feet as a republic following years of civil war that brought down the monarchy. That it was able to achieve the elimination goal under these circumstances was all the more praiseworthy.

Ten years on, what is the situation in Nepal today? While remaining below the elimination threshold, the prevalence rate has shown a tendency to increase as the country carries out more active case finding in recent years. At the subnational level, elimination has yet to be achieved in 17 out of 77 districts.

The country has drafted a roadmap to zero leprosy and has plans to align this with the forthcoming WHO global leprosy strategy for 2021-2030.

Nepal remains one of the WHO’s 23 global priority countries for leprosy, reporting 3,844 new cases in 2019.

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