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Tokyo Opens Pet-Friendly Facility for COVID-19 Patients Built by The Nippon Foundation [2020/11/09]
14 prefabricated buildings (seen in the right half the photo) with a total of 140 20-square-meter private rooms are now open for COVID-19 patients with mild or no symptoms and their pets. The Nippon Foundation built the facility in Odaiba on Tokyo Bay and leased it to the Tokyo metropolitan government for nothing.

The Tokyo metropolitan government has opened a makeshift facility in Odaiba on Tokyo Bay, built by The Nippon Foundation, to allow novel coronavirus patients to stay with their pets.

Tokyo has thus far secured hotels and other facilities to accommodate COVID-19 patients with mild or no symptoms, but some have chosen to stay at home to take care of their pets.

So, Governor Yuriko Koike said Tokyo now allows those patients to stay with their pets−such as dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters−at the new facility comprising 14 prefabricated buildings with a total of 140 20-square-meter air-conditioned private rooms. Each room is equipped with a television set, refrigerator and laundry facilities, and also has a cage, air fresheners and pet supplies such as potty pads.    

The foundation built the facility in the parking lot of the Museum of Maritime Science, operated by our partner organization, in Odaiba and leased it to the Tokyo government for nothing under an agreement signed between us.

In the same Odaiba compound, we have also completed 100 10-square-meter private rooms in The Nippon Foundation Para Arena, a dedicated para sports gymnasium, and set up a large air-conditioned tent where doctors and nurses will stand by.

I hope the Odaiba facilities, named The Nippon Foundation Disaster Emergency Support Center, will help the nation’s capital confront not only a new wave of coronavirus infections with no vaccine or effective treatments yet developed, but also cope with a major disaster such as a huge earthquake, typhoon or other natural calamity hitting Japan simultaneously with a fresh outbreak of COVID-19.

We are undertaking this project, first announced in early April, as the first of our three-phase initiatives in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the second phase, we have launched a 500 million-yen (about 4.8 million dollars) project to help transport to and from hospitals coronavirus patients with mild symptoms, and doctors and nurses working around the clock to combat COVID-19. 

As our third anti-COVID-19 project, the foundation has accepted requests from 128 emergency medical service hospitals in 36 prefectures across the nation, taking care of severely ill and high-risk patients, for a total of 4.98 billion yen (about 48.1 million dollars) in grants to help them beef up facilities and equipment.
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