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New Fund Created to Support Medical Professionals, Volunteers Fighting COVID-19 [2020/05/01]
The Nippon Foundation and three former members of the iconic band SMAP−Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Shingo Katori−announced on April 27 that they have jointly established a new fund to support the activities of doctors, nurses, healthcare staff and volunteers working on the front lines battling the coronavirus. The fund, which is being administered jointly, will also aid family members of those medical professionals as well as children of single parents infected with COVID-19.

Love Pocket Fund will call for donations from the public on top of the 30 million yen donated by the trio, who have formed a new group called Atarashii Chizu (Japanese for “new map”). 

The COVID-19 response is the group’s initial priority. They said they will discuss among themselves how else the money they donated is to be used, including supporting children from low-income households and those with serious illness, and helping create employment for persons with disabilities. This, they hope, will contribute to cultivating the culture of donations in Japan.

I was quite impressed by the enthusiasm of the trio, who said they can be happy by being kind to others. The establishment of the fund has drawn widespread attention on social media and news outlets.

Donations by celebrities are common in many countries, but Japan has been left behind on this front. I sincerely hope that Love Pocket Fund will lead the way to an era when Japanese celebrities and big-name athletes regularly make donations for charitable activities.

The Nippon Foundation will use 100 percent of the money donated to the fund on the COVID-19 response and other activities, with indirect costs to be borne by us.

The size of donations does not matter. What is important is whether you want to support people in trouble.

If you are interested in donating, details can be seen HERE in Japanese.
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