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【Photo Diary】Visit to Moreh on India-Myanmar Border [2019/05/23]

I would like to share with you some of the photos taken when we went from Imphal, the capital of Manipur State, in northeast India to the town of Moreh on the border with Myanmar on May 10.

Moreh 1.jpg

The mountains seen on our way from Imphal to Moreh during the 3.5-hour, 110-kilometer drive.

Moreh 2.jpg Protected by Indian soldiers, we traveled through a conflict zone to reach the India-Myanmar border.

Moreh 4.jpg We passed through seven or eight checkpoints en route.

Moreh 5.jpg This is where the Japanese Army struggled to advance on a muddy road during the Battle of Imphal in World War II. The road is now paved.

Moreh 3.jpg This bridge was built soon after the war over a river that the Japanese Army crossed in their efforts to advance from Myanmar to India during the Battle of Imphal.

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