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花は心の癒し (04/10)
カンボジアのかわいい子供たち (03/28)
カンボジアのかわいい子供たち (03/26)
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かち歩き (10/27)
Updates on the Japan Earthquake [2011年03月17日(Thu)]
The devastating aftermath of the worst natural disaster since World War II.

Updates on the Japan earthquake:

BBC news: US Alarm over Japan Atomic Crisis

The Boston Globe: Japan Earthquake Aftermath
Support the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund!! [2011年03月17日(Thu)]

The damage wrought by the massive earthquake that struck Northeastern Japan on
March 11 has been devastating.

Estimates already place those dead and missing in the thousands.
At the moment, there is little that untrained volunteers can do to help on the ground.
What we all can do right now, however, is to help raise funds to support both the relief
organizations currently working in the affected areas, and the extensive reconstruction
work that will follow.

The Nippon Foundation has extensive experience working with local partners to provide
support after disasters such as the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995, and more
recently the Mid Niigata Earthquake and Noto Peninsula Earthquake. Our work has really
brought home the importance of non-governmental funding that allows civil society to
respond in a timely and flexible manner.

The Nippon Foundation/CANPAN Northeastern Japan Earthquake and
Tsunami Relief Fund
will provide effective, accountable, and timely support to
trusted partners working in the affected areas.
We will reports on the receipt and use of funds to ensure the highest degree of transparency.

Donations can be made from The Nippon Foundation website below.

We have now received over 700,000USD worth of donations from within Japan and overseas.
The total received from donors outside of Japan is over 110,000USD!!!!

Thank you to all of those who have contributed!!!!
Please help us in expanding the circle of support!!!!!