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Meeting with the President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands [2008/05/28]

Chairman Sasakawa and President Tomeing

On April 9, Chairman Yohei Sasakawa of the Nippon Foundation met with President Litokwa Tomeing of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. At the Tokyo meeting, Chairman Sasakawa informed President Tomeing that the Nippon Foundation was willing to assist his government in preserving the maritime environment and cultivating maritime resources in the Marshall Islands. The Nippon Foundation has already provided support for human resource development through the secretariat of the Sasakawa Pacific Island Nations Fund, a partner organization. Additional contributions will be handled primarily by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

President Tomeing was elected last fall as his country's leader, assuming office in January 2008. He arrived in Japan on April 7 on an official state visit, during which he met with the Emperor and Empress and exchanged views with various governmental officials on future ties between the two countries.

In his meeting with the president, Chairman Sasakawa explained Japan's Basic Act on Ocean Policy, enacted in Japan in 2007, and the human resources development project promoted by the secretariate of the Sasakawa Pacific Island Nations Fund. He also underscored two issues: 1) that Japan and the Republic of the Marshall Islands need to strengthen exchange as maritime nations with vast exclusive economic zones (EEZ); and 2) that the nations could work together in various projects, including environmental conservation and the development of fisheries and undersea resources.(Photo: They exchange each idea of the two countries' relationship)

For his part, President Tomeing expressed gratitude for the Nippon Foundation's contributions to the human resource development project. “We intend to strengthen our support system so that young people trained in Japan can take full advantage of the experience after returning home. Japan and The Nippon Foundation offer strong expertise in preserving the maritime environment. I hope our two nations can work together on projects based on this expertise.”

Located in Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands has a population of about 52,000. It entrusts its national defense and security to The United States. Japan is the second largest donor of Overseas Development Assistance after The United States.

*Click here for the movie(1:22)

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