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First meeting of Nippon Foundation Partners [2008/05/26]

The participants of the conference

On April 18 to 19, a conference of internationally active partner organizations of The Nippon Foundation was held at the Nippon Zaidan Building in Tokyo. Founded on October 1, 1962, The Nippon Foundation has in the ensuing 45 years participated in the founding of many partner organizations, both at home and abroad. This event marked the first time that representatives of the various groups had come together for an exchange of views on how to establish joint efforts.

The meeting included representatives from 16 organizations, including The Nippon Foundation. Simultaneous interpretation was provided in Japanese and English. In Chairman Yohei Sasakawa's opening speech, he outlined his hopes for the meeting: "People are interested in what the Nippon Foundation and other foundations do, and what positions they take. Perhaps if the representatives of our organizations can come together and exchange views, we can better understand each other and develop cooperative programs. You were invited here to help you to grasp our collective range of activities."

Clarifying the relationship among the organizations, Sasakawa said, "The foundations here and abroad are all autonomous. They are sibling organizations. The Nippon Foundation has no binding or controlling power over its partners." Chairman Sasakawa also commented that The Nippon Foundation is currently focusing on organizing nonprofit organizations, nongovernmental organizations and volunteer groups, supporting the activities of these groups to assist the elderly, the disabled, and the poor. Thereafter, all participants introduced themselves and discussed their activities, exchanging views on how best to build cooperation.(Photo: Participants listening to reports by the partner organizations)

Organizations participating in the meeting were as follows: the Ocean Policy Research Foundation, the Sasakawa Africa Association, the Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation, the Tokyo Foundation, the Nippon Music Foundation, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, the Sasakawa Central Europe Fund, the Sasakawa Pacific Island Nations Fund, the Sasakawa Japan-China Friendship Fund, the Sasakawa Pan Asia Fund, the Nippon Taiko Foundation, the Japan Science Society, the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, Foundation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa, the Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation and The Nippon Foundation.

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