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Emergency Relief Supplies for Victims of the Myanmar Cyclone [2008/05/19]

Elementary School in Myanmar

On May 8, the Nippon Foundation decided to provide 10 million yen in emergency supplies to Myanmar, following the catastrophic damage it sustained in the Cyclone Nargis. This aid is part of a joint project with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretariat. Supplies will be sent to Myanmar via Royal Thai Air Force aircraft. The emergency aid is being provided in response to a request from ASEAN Secretary General Dr. Surin Pitsuwan (former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand). (Photo: Emergency aid to Sri Lanka)

On May 6, the Myanmar government announced that cyclone Nargis had directly landed on the Irawaddy river delta May 2-3, killing 22,000 people and leaving more than 41,000 unaccounted for. With thousands of homes destroyed, the ultimate damage could prove to be considerably worse.

Relief efforts by the military and NGOs have just begun. Food and medical supplies remain in short supply, leading to concerns about the spread of infectious disease. The Nippon Foundation determined the content of the relief supplies it would provide after consulting with ASEAN. The supplies will be procured as quickly as possible in Thailand, then transported to Myanmar on Royal Thai Air Force aircraft for distribution by the Myanmar government.

The Nippon Foundation has a history of aid to Myanmar, such as a project in which it built 100 elementary schools in Shan state, one of Myanmar’s northern border provinces. The project achieved its goal of 100 schools in May 2007, and a project to construct another 100 schools is currently underway.

In related activities, in F2006, The Nippon Foundation launched a three-year plan to provide three hundred thousand dollars per year of emergency food and medical supplies to Sri Lankan refugees who lost their homes due to civil war and earthquake.
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