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Chinese Quiz bowl Winners Praise Japan [2008/05/07]

In front of the Red Gate of the University of Tokyo

Winners of a Chinese quiz tournament about Japan visited the country this past January, following which they conveyed their impressions to the Japan Science Society. The tournament is sponsored by the Japan Science Society with support from The Nippon Foundation as an extension of a project to distribute Japanese educational and research books to Chinese universities. The fourth tournament was held last September in Eastern China, Jilin and Heilongjiang Provinces, and the 22 students who won the contest or who served as emcees were invited to Japan. The students visited Tokyo, Okinawa, Kobe and Kyoto.(Photo: Students listening to Chairman Sasakawa)

The impressions of many students involved comparisons to China. Their general feeling was that the cities are clean, and the people polite. Lyu Xin of Changchun Teachers College said, “Japan is so clean it seems in danger of becoming transparent.” Song Ying, a staff member at Zhejiang Gongshang University, said, “Japan is indescribably clean, and the trains are quiet.” Sun Wen Bo of the Anhui China-Australia Technology and Vocational College, said, “I’m deeply impressed the cities are so clean, despite the absence of trash cans.” (Photo: In Kyoto, female students delight in wearing Japanese kimono)

During their visit to the Nippon Foundation, Chairman Yohei Sasakawa encouraged the students to learn more about Japan, rather than simply learning to like the country. Accordingly, Chu Yan An of Nanjing University wrote, “Through the exchange of views between young people, we were able to grasp the conditions in each area of the country, something that we couldn’t learn from textbooks.” (Photo: Two students enjoying themselves at a toy store)

Ms. Zhang Fengjie, the head of the group, praised the behavior of the students during their visit to Japan. “They demonstrated dignity, diligence, seriousness, honesty, and a practical turn of mind, cultivated under the influence and guidance of Japanese culture.”
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