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Nippon Foundation Scholars Association members provide career counseling to Brazilian children [2008/04/02]

Latin American Students of Japanese descent, with Brazilian schoolchildren

The scenic Kiso River flows through the city of Minokamo in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. This valley is sometimes called the Japanese Rhine, due to the similarity of the landscape to its German counterpart. Some 10% of the city’s residents are non-Japanese, of which two-thirds are Brazilian, and have come here to work at Japanese factories. Many of their children attend the Sociedade Educacional Brazilian School. On February 21st, university students of Japanese descent from South and Central America, currently studying at universities across Japan under a Nippon Foundation scholarship program, visited the school to provide career counseling. (Photo: Brazilian School)

The six scholars from the Nippon Foundation Scholars Association were led by Akira Uchimura, a Chilean national who received his degree from the International Christian University Graduate School in Tokyo and now supports foreign students in Japan through the Association of Nikkei & Japanese Abroad. Students at the Sociedade Educacional Brazilian School range from preschool to high school, and 90 of them received lessons from the visiting scholars.(Photo: School Director Tanaka and Scholars)

In the morning class, the delegation offered career counseling, based on their own experiences and knowledge, to help children consider their futures. After their talks, the children posed one question after another. What made you decide to study medical science? Have you ever felt like giving up on academics? Do you ever feel like doing something else? In response, the university students encouraged the students to try to find out what kind of career would capture their imagination, to explore options, and to try to become the best in whatever they chose to do.(Photo: Children listening during class)

In the afternoon class, members gave junior high school students a detailed seminar on nutrition. Maky Fabiola Furuki Kishimoto, a student of medicine, also answered questions from the children on cancer.(Photo: Children giving a commemorative present to the university students)

In 2004, the Nippon Foundation, in cooperation with the Association of Nikkei & Japanese Abroad, established a Nippon Foundation-Nikkei Scholarship, called “Dreams to Reality” which awards scholarships to young people of Japanese descent from Latin America who wish to study in Japan. So far, it has awarded scholarships to 30 people. The delegation to Gifu was made up of students studying under this scholarship.

*Click here for the movie(0:54)

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