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Japan Quiz Bowl Held in China’s Jilin Province [2007/10/24]

The Changchun Teachers College students who won the tournament in Jilin Province

“Which of Minamoto no Yoritomo’s brothers became legendary for achievements such as breaking up the Heike clan?” So read one question from the Sasakawa Cup quiz bowl on Japanese history and culture, held for university students from three Chinese regions, from September 6 - 12. While the answer -- Minamoto no Yoshitsune -- is common knowledge among Japanese students, one would expect Chinese students to have more difficulty with it. But participants jumped at the buttons in front of them and recited the correct answers -- all in Japanese. The range of Japanese knowledge was startling. (Photo: Beijing Olympic mascots making an appearance)

The quiz bowl is an extension of a project supported by the Japan Science Society since 1999, through which educational books are donated to Chinese universities. The tournament is intended to motivate students in China with access to these books to learn about Japan. In this, its fourth year, the tournament was held in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces, and in the Eastern China region, with teams from eight universities participating in the Heilongjiang and Jilin tournaments and twelve universities taking part in the East China tournament. Each university was represented by three students, and the winning teams from each region will be invited to Japan next year to experience Japanese culture firsthand. (Photo: The tournament in Heilongjiang Provinces)

This year, Jilin Province held its first tournament, sponsored by the Changchun Teachers College. The tournament featured a number of questions that were even difficult when presented to Japanese university students in multiple-choice format. The college personnel in charge of the tournament are said to have held 14 rehearsals before the actual tournament, motivating the contestants with the idea that contestants need not win, but should not fail. The resulting tournament was a success, with Changchun Teachers College coming from behind to win on the final question. “My grandfather was in the Japanese military,” said Jin Meihua (aged 23), from the winning team, “but he doesn’t talk much about those days. I think Japan is a developed nation with a culture similar to Korea’s. I’m delighted to have a chance to visit.” (Photo: Jin Meihua expressing her happiness on winning)

Between questions, Jiamusi University’s Music College provided performances such as horns, and a trio of male pop vocalists. In the East China region, in an effort to increase the number of participants, quizzes were conducted in Chinese. Ten Japanese firms active in the region provided employment information, while the Japanese consulate in Shanghai provided information on opportunities to study in Japan. (Photo: A horn performance by Jiamusi University students)
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