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University of Tokyo-Peking University dual master’s program [2007/09/05]

At the ceremony in Peking University

On August 6th, a signing ceremony was held at Peking University for a new dual master’s degree program that will enable Peking University students to study at the University of Tokyo, and obtain master’s degrees from both universities. In attendance at the ceremony were representatives of both universities and the Nippon Foundation. For twenty years, the two universities have conducted academic exchange, but this foundation-supported initiative marks the first time the University of Tokyo has established such a dual master’s program.

Beginning next April, five students from Peking University’s School of International Studies will study international relations for two years at either the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Public Policy, or at its Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Based on their three-year performance -- including one year at Peking University -- the students will receive dual master’s degrees from both Universities. For now, plans call for courses in Tokyo to be administered chiefly in Japanese. The Nippon Foundation will provide full support for the five students’ transportation, living expenses, and tuition. Acceptance by Peking University of students from the University of Tokyo will also be considered in the future.

The Nippon Foundation’s human-resources development program at the Peking University School of International Studies began in 1994 with the involvement of Japan’s Waseda University. The program seeks to deepen Chinese understanding of Japan by requiring each student to study at a Japanese university for part of his or her time. Through last year, this program had provided scholarships to 130 Chinese students in master’s programs and 32 pursuing doctorates.
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