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Used Care Vehicles for Ambulances in Peru [2007/08/15]

Used Care Vehicles for Ambulances

One of The Nippon Foundation’s many forms of support for Japanese social welfare organizations is the donation of care vehicles. From this fiscal year, the Foundation has decided to expand on this program, donating high-quality used vehicles to Peru. The Foundation has already sent six and plans to send another six in the near future. These vehicles promise to contribute to the country’s health and welfare system.

Over the years, The Nippon Foundation has provided approximately 18,000 care vehicles across Japan for such purposes as mobile bathing facilities, wheelchair-compatible transportation, and microbuses. Although many of these vehicles are no longer in use, the Nippon Foundation has decided to reclaim those that have been equipped with wheelchair lifts (of which 4,077 have been distributed) and donate them to recipients overseas. The Foundation chose Peru as the first Recipient, due to its strong need for such vehicles and its flexibility with regard to import restrictions.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Peruvian government, the Japanese embassy in Peru, and the Asociacion Peruano Japonesa, the Nippon Foundation plans to donate a total of up to 500 vehicles to Peru. Peru restricts the import of vehicles five years old and older. Although the vehicles in question are six to eight years old, the Peruvian government has granted special authorization for these imports, exempting them from taxation. Following repairs and modifications, they will be distributed for use as ambulances to the Asociacion Peruano Japonesa, hospitals governed by Peru’s Ministry of Health, welfare facilities, and other facilities.

Twelve vehicles were chosen for the first donation. Of these, six reached Peru on June 29. The remaining six are currently awaiting shipping and are expected to leave harbor soon. They still bear the names of the organizations that used them in Japan. Plans call for using them with the names of the original users intact, so it appears likely that in the future one might see Peruvian ambulances bearing the names of Japanese welfare organizations.
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