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Young Volunteers Help Rebuild Ishinomaki (Miyagi Pref.) [22 Mar 2011 (Tue)] [2011年03月25日(Fri)]

Children also help to remove mud

Ishinomaki city, Miyagi prefecture, suffered a major earthquake and tsunami, leaving
over 10,000 people still missing. The 2nd biggest city in Miyagi prefecture is on the
verge of collapse. Although an 80-year-old woman and her 16-year-old grandson
were recently rescued after being trapped for 9 days, the city remains in a dire
situation. The volunteer groups have lent their hands to rebuild this shattered city.

A car drifted into swimming pool after the tsunami

The Nippon Foundation established the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Center
soon after the disaster and began a number of support activities.
The Nippon Foundation staff from the relief center are now in Ishinomaki city,
joined with other NGOs to provide emergency relief. Kazuto Sawatari,
The Nippon Foundation staff member says, “Although the city is still without gas,
electricity and running water, tens of volunteers are staying overnight to lend
a helping hand. The volunteers are working in various locations of the city
from a central base in Ishinomaki’s Sakai-shinmachi.”

Cars piled up from the tsunami

At Minato elementary school, 50 volunteers are using shovels to remove mud
from the building. Both children and adults are working together. There are not
only debris, but there are also cars strewn everywhere. “The situation is much
worse then we expected,” says Sawatari. The Nippon Foundation has set up
a desalination processing equipment (a large water purifier) in the city which was
provided by Tokura Industries, Ltd., in order to secure water for domestic usage.

I want to help ... / Volunteer registration counter

The Nippon Foundation’s relief center is continuing its work in collaboration with
organizations established after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and is
now looking into dispatching a team to provide footbaths. The damage caused
by the earthquake has been colossal, and as relief efforts are expected to last
for a long period of time, a collaborative project to assist victims has been started
by a number of NPOs throughout Japan, who will be working together
with the Sendai Miyagi NPO center. The Nippon Foundation's public community
website, "CANPAN", has joined the collaborative project, and is now working
alongside NPOs nationwide to provide broad range of support to those affected
by the disaster.
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