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テレビ東京世界ナゼそこに?日本人〜知られざる波瀾万丈伝〜」に 代表名知の現地の活動紹介されました
日時: 2015年6月15日(月)
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NPO法人ミャンマー ファミリー・クリニックと菜園の会さんの画像
Seeing is believing from Myanmar [2015年05月21日(Thu)]

My name is Shinya Iwamoto, the founder of The Nippri/Yanaka ambassador that is the English circle to introduce Nippori and Yanaka districts to foreign tourists.
This Golden Week in 2015, I asked Dr.Nachi who is living in Arakawa same as me to take me to the site called MyaungMya, Myanmyar in which she is conducting medical activities and went there to see her activities.

The view of Shwedagon Pagoda

When I arrived at Yangon International Airport, Dr.Nachi came to meet me with her well-tanned and energetic smile.
I went and saw in Yangon with her. We had various appointments with the supporters of MFCG and I even attended a wedding party of her friend! And, we bought some medicines and equipment that are needed in the site. It took long time to buy merchandises because the distribution of goods remains immature, so I could expect various tough things that will occur from the first day’s experiences.

Dr.Nachi, wearing Life Jacket

Having too many luggages to carry by even two people, we had taken an overnight bus for 4 hours. We reached MyaungMya at 1:00 am.

I was really exhausted, even though I have an experience that I traveled from Colcutta, India to Katmandu, Nepal through a train and a bus in my student days. Dr. Nachi seemed to be energetic and healthy. Moreover, she said that she waked up early to get in to shape for her activities…. This was incredible for me!

Too many luggages

In MyaungMya, there are many things to do besides medical jobs such as teleconferences with Japanese staff and development of various kinds of paper works she has to do. On the other hand, she had meetings with MyaungMya staffs to check a progress of projects and to solve the problems concerning the mobile clinic during the rainy season. Seeing her brave figures that are developed solutions and indicate the direction to the staffs one by one, I think that I could have the important chance and see what is leadership that never can be taught at school.

Dr. Nachi rushing around MyaungMya

One day, an old Buddhist priest visited and asked Dr.Nach to see his village.
For 40 minutes by car, my luggage was fully covered with clouds of dust. Utility poles could be seen but electric wire has yet to be put up.
The villagers watched TV connecting a battery because the electricity wasn’t distributed to the village.

The TV connecting a battery

First, we ate a lunch in the temple. It seems to be a rule that younger people have to share their foods to elder people, before they eat their meals. I felt some nostalgia, touching with this behavior that we also might have.
After the long lunch, we could to see the village. The Buddhist priest led us and gave various explanations about villagers’ lives. Some villagers followed her and making shadow by using an umbrella and fanning to cool her. Seeing the villagers who are giving her the best service they can, I realized that they really need the medical service in the village.

Buddhist priest and Dr.Nachi

The villagers and Dr.Nachi

I could see the Buddhist priest’s leadership was well distributed in every corner of the village, so the village seems to be keeping peaceful and clean. There are houses in the forest, bearing fruits, running parent and child of cock. But, they are living in the lack of clinical service; once someone gets sick, they would be easily died.
Being welcomed and given their hospitality, I realized that the initial works means what are sincerely asked for by people. And, Dr.Nachi’s responsibility is also huge, because many of people desire her helping hand.

sleeping child in a hammock

After returning back to Japan, we have a lot of materials and money compered to Myanmar We are really happy and standing an advantageous position. So, we should contribute to the world. I would like to support her activities for the responsibility of the man who watched the site.

また、ミャンマーファミリー・クリニックと菜園の会(MFCG)のfacebook公式ページ もご覧ください。
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