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先輩研究者のご紹介(Emil Salimさん) [2021年03月29日(Mon)]
 こんにちは。科学振興チームの豊田です。本日は、2019年度に「力学的刺激によって誘導される非感染時の自然免疫応答メカニズム解明」という研究課題で笹川科学研究助成を受けられた、金沢大学大学院医薬保健学総合研究科所属の、Emil Salimさんから助成時の研究について、コメントを頂きました。

<Emil Salimさんより>
Sterile Inflammation is the inflammation that caused by non-microorganism which induced by various factors including abnormal cell death, endogenous particulate such as cholesterol, mechanical stimuli, and environmental conditions such as ultra-violet radiation. This inflammation is related to many diseases such as cancer, myocardial infarction, stroke, and atherosclerosis. Much has been known about inflammation caused by microorganisms. However, the sterile stimuli-activated immune system remains poorly understood. The knowledge of how inflammation is activated and regulated under sterile condition is very essential to give insight on how sterile inflammation related diseases can be treated better. Because of this condition seems involve multiple and complex pathways, the utilization of animal models, such as insects and mammals, is very useful.

Fruit fly (D. melanogaster), a simple yet powerful genetic model organism, has been used to discover molecular mechanism in diverse biological processes, including the innate immune system. Our group, under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Takayuki Kuraishi, found that pinching fruit fly larvae (Figure 1) can induce sterile inflammation and found that mechanism underlying this process is different to that of microorganism. Thus, we use this model to find responsible genes in sterile inflammation and study their function (Figure 2). This study will provide new insight on how sterile inflammation occur in human.

We thank to Sasakawa Scientific Research Grant of the Japan Science Society for their support to our study. This support has helped us to discover candidate genes that play role in sterile inflammation. We believe such support to researchers and students will give big contribution to the science.

Figure 1. Pinching Drosophila larvae using forceps

Figure 2. Sterile inflammation in Drosophila larvae may give new insight on
how sterile inflammation occurs in human




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