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新型コロナウィルスに関連した各国/地域の障害者情報 〜バングラデシュ編〜 Information about persons with disabilities in each country/region related to COVID-19 〜In Bangladesh〜 [2020年04月27日(Mon)]

Today, we introduce the report by Mr. Vashkar BHATTACHEARJEE in Bangladesh (4th Duskin trainee)!
>Vashkar san, thank you for your report!



1. 新型コロナウィルスはデジタルチャンネルに関するアクセシビリティのインパクトを広めましたが、障害者のため、あるいは障害者と働いているほとんどすべての団体でのデジタルチャンネルの注目度と重要度は低下しており、それにより、特に障害者の生活のアクセシビリティに多大な影響を与えています。

2. 関連団体の作業ルーティーン全体に影響が出ていて、彼らの仕事量や予算、移動、仕事の範囲が減っています。もしこの状況がすぐに食い止められなければ、悪化し続けるでしょう。障害のある多くの従業員はリモートで仕事をすることができますが、それらの理由で職を失わないか心配しています。

3. また、新型コロナウィルスのアクセス可能な資料不足が大きなインフォメーションギャップを生み出しています。アクセス可能な形で情報を必要としている障害者の生存と安全を危険にさらしています。

4. この危機時に、サービスのインクルーシブデザインやアクセシビリティの欠如が原因で、障害のあるユーザーのサービスへのアクセスの困難さが増しているという報告やクレームがあります。

しかしながら、私とRashedujjaman Chowdhury さん(ダスキン元研修生)は、所属団体であるYPSAとともにこれに立ち向かうため、私たちのノウハウと経験を使って、ベストを尽くそうとしています。

As we all know, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has made the whole world a nightmare. Nevertheless, every country is trying its best to control the spread of the virus and reduce the damage by every possible means and Bangladesh is no exception. But it is becoming more clearer these days that the group which faces additional risks and consequences in these scenarios are people with disabilities. Because it is harder for disabled people to take prudent steps to protect themselves from these sorts of virus outbreak, COVID-19, SARS etc., for example; therefore, not only their health is at risk but also their independence and livelihood. In Bangladesh, this situation is much worse, and it is expected that this pandemic will hit the disabled community badly and the consequences would be irreparable if not properly addressed when it is due.

Problems related to COVID-19 which persons with disabilities in my country is facing right now are as follows:

1. Although COVID-19 has increased the awareness of the impact of accessibility on the digital channels but it has lowered the profile and importance of digital channels of almost all the organizations that work for/with Persons with Disabilities which is gravely affecting the accessibility especially the livelihood of persons with disabilities.

2. The complete work routine of the relevant organizations has been impacted and their work volume, budget, mobility and scopes of work have decreased which will continue to worsen if this situation is not contained soon. Although many employees with disabilities are being able to work remotely but they are worried that they might lose their job due to these reasons.

3. Also, the scarcity of accessible materials on COVID-19 is creating a huge information gap and endangering the survival and safety of the persons with disabilities who need information in accessible formats.

4. There are reports or claims that users with disabilities are having increased difficulty accessing services during this time of crisis because of the lack of inclusive design and accessibility of services.

However, I and Rashedujjaman Chowdhury (a Duskin Fellow) has been trying to do our utmost by using our expertise and experience to counter this along with our organization YPSA.

Website links of YPSA organization’s COVID-19 response
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