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2017年6/7月生活記録 第9期生 瀧澤泉[2017年08月03日(Thu)]
Hi everyone,

I am writing to share what I did during June and July in an English speaking environment, because my computer has been freezing and changed language by itself. ☹ I hope I can solve the issues very soon…!

Since I graduated from Gallaudet University, I have been excited to be working on my internship and with various organizations. Not long ago, I visited Kendall, the Deaf school at Gallaudet University, for my first time.

At Kendall School, Deaf children visually communicate face to face with others, and maintain awareness of their surroundings through the use of a wall mirror. Notice the reflected images of items on the table, highlighted by the red circle.



Using this arrangement, Deaf children are able to see the reaction of their teachers. This environment encourages Deaf students to learn the best methods of communication, linguistic rules, and cultural norms, while satisfying their educational and social needs!


Teachers decorated a wall-size bulletin board with pictures of books that the Deaf children read last fall and winter. What a great idea! When the children see the nice display of book covers, they will remember what they read, and share the stories with their friends and family.

This unusual looking piece of furniture was donated to the Deaf school. There is a hole cut in the middle of the wooden “tree board”. This design encourages Deaf children to communicate face-to-face, by signing through the hole. This is just another space at the school which functions as an educational resource to support the learning of Deaf culture and methods of communication.

2017 Biennial TDI Conference in Bethesda
July 29, 2017

I attended the TDI conference at the end of last month. I was impressed with the conference, and learned a lot about technological things, and ways to improve access for the Deaf/HOH community. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from that conference, but here is their website If you want more information about TDI and their conference:

Enjoy your day!