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Vincentさんからのフィードバック [2008年07月01日(Tue)]

It was a great experience teaching English and some ASL to few deaf schools and clubs, especially to my host woman who I stayed with for whole month in February. I learned most of JSL signs from her (although I know her signing are traditional). Also, her cookings were very delicious.

As for middle schoolers and high schoolers, they were very shy at first but I liked how they were curious about my culture and started asking questions. I was amazed how mature and respectable the students are compared to students in USA. I am grateful to the high school students who helped giving out suggestions for my Japan trip during my last two weeks in June.

As for the JSL club, the people are very nice and I really enjoyed going out for dinner with them. It was fun talking about life, culture, and everything else.

Thank you for your hospitality during my visit and for all your efforts to arrange my visit. I would love to go back again and give out presentations again, and also teach some English and ASL too, althought I know my presentation and teaching needs some improvements.


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