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トマト・ウィルス・・・ [2020年02月22日(Sat)]
四つ葉 新型コロナ・ウィルスの収拾どころか
大事に至りませぬよう 眼鏡たらーっ(汗)

と ネットで見かけましたトマト・ウィルス ・・・がく〜(落胆した顔)
PARIS, Feb 18 (Reuters) -
A virulent tomato virus has been
detected in France for the first time,
leading the authorities to quarantine
the affected farm in the northwestern
region of Brittany, the agriculture
ministry said on Monday.

The tomato brown rugose fruit virus
(ToBRFV), which is harmless to
humans but can decimate crops,
was confirmed in greenhouse-grown
tomato plants on the farm, the
ministry said.

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200220 tobrfv.jpg
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ロイタ〜にありがとうございました るんるん

岡安 四つ葉
Measures were under way to destroy
the contaminated plants, Agriculture
Minister Didier Guillaume told news
channel BFM TV.

The tomato crops infected by the
virus had been grown from plantlets
imported from Britain and had in
turn been produced from seeds
grown in the Netherlands, the
ministry said in a website update.

The authorities were testing other
farms that had been supplied with
plantlets from the same batch, it

French food safety agency ANSES had
warned this month that France was at
risk from the virus, which had already
spread to six countries in Europe,
including Britain, Italy and Germany.

There is currently no treatment or
variety resistant to the virus, which
emerged in the Middle East in 2014
before spreading to Europe in 2018.

Reporting by Sudip Kar-Gupta and Gus Trompiz Editing by David Goodman

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