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Emergency response in Japan vol.51 [2011年11月07日(Mon)]
〜Assistance to hold a joint study day for the handicapped students〜

ADRA Japan has been working to support the students in Fukushima prefecture who have been forced to study in the satellite schools due to the radiation caused by the incident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. (click here for the blog about our project on distributing bicycles to the students going to satellite schools).
Today, we will report on the joint study day of a school for handicapped students who are studying separately in different satellite schools after the earthquake and the incident of the power plant.

Tomioka Care Nursing School, a school for handicapped students, is located within the distance of 20km from the nuclear power plant. People living in these areas have evacuated due to the danger of radiation. The students who used to study at Tomioka Care Nursing Schools are now studying at 9 different satellite schools. The second quarter of the school has already started and students seem to have settled and gotten used to their new environment.

However, no one knows when everyone will be able to go back to Tomioka town. Anxiety for the future is often heard. The parents and children are wondering when they will be able to go back and study at Tomioka care Nursing School altogether.

Under these circumstances, ADRA Japan helped the school to hold a joint study day, inviting all the students studying at satellite schools.

On September 2nd, the joint study day was held at Koriyama city of Gukushima Prefecture and totally 70 people including 58 students and teachers at Tomioka Care nursing School gathered. ADRA Japan provided a rented bus for transporting students from different locations as well as lunch boxes and snacks for the participants.

Students having fun with their friends in the swimming pool

A group picture with all participants

Happy smiles were witnessed among the children who were playing around with their friends that they hadn’t seen for 6 months. The school song was sung at the end of the meeting, which seemed to have strengthened the bonding with each other once again. We are happy that we were able to play a role to make this wonderful event that helped people who are going through hard times to feel the strong tie with others.

Later, we received a letter from the president and vice president of Tomioka Care Nursing School telling us how the joint study day provided each participant a good time. We were moved by the teachers’ strong attitudes continuing to teach students even at the satellite schools. They say the smiles of their students are the best encouragement for continuing their work during hard times. Tomioka Care Nursing School is planning to hold this joint study day periodically.

Under the continuing fear of radiation and uncertainty about the future, we will continue to make manifold supports to people in Fukushima so that they can get back to their usual life as soon as they can.
We appreciate your help.

We appreciate your continuous support and assistance to the people affected by the disaster.
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