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Emergency response in Japan vol.49 [2011年10月24日(Mon)]
〜 Speaking at a symposium on Great East Japan Disaster and NGO 〜

Monday September 5th, a symposium titled “Great East Japan disaster and NGO- with a global perspective” was held by The Canon Institute for Global Studies at Shin- Marunouchi Building in Tokyo.
This symposium was consisted of two sessions, “Great East Japan Disaster and the reaction of the international cooperation NGOs in Japan” and “The world and the Great East Japan Disaster”. Our staff Hideo Watanabe, who is in charge of the disaster response in Japan, made a presentation in the first session.

Watanabe first introduced about ADRA and then presented about the disaster prevention activities and disaster drills expecting the Tokai earthquake which we have been working on, even before March 11.

After a brief introduction, Watanabe pointed out the three important points for the continuous supports in the devastated areas and the victims of the Great East Japan Disaster.

1. A long-term and continuous support will be needed
2. There is a need to cooperate with not only the local government, companies, and NPO’s at the sites, but also with the neighboring towns and communities widely
3. The victims of the disaster are the main actors of the reconstruction process and the supporters should be there only to back up and help them with their own work

The video that introduces our disaster relief projects at the sites was shown during this symposium as well.

The other panelists of this symposium were from JANIC (Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation), JPF (Japan Platform) and International cooperation NGO Peace Winds Japan. The representatives gave detailed explanations on the differences between the emergency reliefs at overseas and within Japan.

The questions such as the following were asked by the participants to the panelists.

Participant: “There must be a lot of challenges to regenerate the industries in the devastated areas that are facing serious depopulation and declining birth rates. What do you think about that?”

Watanabe (ADRA): “33% of the population in Yamamoto town is consisted of senior citizens. Only 10% of the former strawberry farmers are thinking of growing strawberries again. It is very important to build occupations and systems for the elderly to find their motivation for life, and to attract the young generation to work in the agricultural field.”

7 months have passed since that day of disaster. Numbers of symposiums like the one we attended this time are being held all over Japan. These symposiums do not only provide the chances to look back and evaluate the supports we have been providing at the sites, but also provides the chances for the companies, individuals, and the NGOs like us to exchange opinions and to build up future plans for the continuous support at the sites together.
It is said that the true capabilities and qualities of the supports will be questioned now that more than 6 months have been passed after the disaster. The disaster relief must be driven from the needs and voices of the locals, not the strong passion of the supporters. It is very important to think together and make actions with the individual victims and local organizations at the sites.

ADRA Japan opened “Yamamoto Reconstruction Supporting Center (interim name)” with the Council of Social Welfare from October. We will support the victims to gain back their self-sustained lives with the other organizations and individuals that have been supporting Yamamoto town.
Yamamoto Reconstruction Supporting Center will make their supporting programs based on Yamamoto town’s policies on their reconstruction.

Thank you for your warm support.

We appreciate your continuous support and assistance to the people affected by the disaster.
You can also support by donating to ADRA through credit cards, bank transfer and postal transfer.

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