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Emergency response in Japan vol.45 [2011年09月13日(Tue)]
~Distributing bicycles to the satellite high schools in Fukushima~

We would like to introduce the story about our project to distribute bicycles to high schools in Fukushima this time.

People who were affected by the disaster need to slowly but surely get back to their life that they had before 3.11. Although they may not be able to live back at the places they used to, they need to start a new life at the places they are now, whether that is at the evacuation center or temporary housings. Particularly for children, schools play crucial roles to let them get back to the usual life cycle.

The residents who used to live less than 20km away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant are not allowed to go back to their houses, schools or anywhere that their lives were situated due to the hazards of radioactive contamination. The children whose schools were situated within this area are now going to satellite schools that are located at the places of evacuation.
Satellite schools are mostly opened inside other schools or community centers by renting open rooms or spaces. The schools that were located inside the 20km evacuation zone have split into several satellite schools to continue the education of their students. Each of those satellite schools have tens of students coming to study.

However, the places of evacuation, especially the temporary housings, may not always be located at areas that have good transportation. Therefore, some students have to go a long way to go to school.

In this regard, the Board of Education at Fukushima Prefecture sent a request to ADRA to provide bicycles to the students who commute to school from a far distance.

To meet this request, ADRA made good use of the connections we have been building and worked with an organization called Setagaya Asia Project (SAP). SAP has been collecting the illegally parked bicycles in Setagaya, and sending them to countries such as Laos and Indonesia through ADRA Japan.
Thanks to SAP, 104 second hand bicycles were collected and we coordinated the trip to Fukushima to distribute those bicycles.

(from left) College student volunteers, teachers at the satellite schools, members of SAP

We made 2 round trips, one on July 27th and another on 29th, to deliver the bicycles to Fukushima. A 4 ton truck was filled with more than 50 bicycles each day and the bicycles were delivered to 7 different satellite schools. Students who used to go to 2 different high schools that were inside the 20km evacuation zone are now studying in these 7 satellite schools.
Thanks to the 2 college student volunteers and SAP members that accompanied us, we were able to go around and distribute the bicycles to the schools really smoothly.

The situation on the ground looked quite hard for both teachers and students. For examples, teachers are using the home economics’ class room as the staff room. Students are using community centers for classes. However, regardless of their hard situation, all people at the satellite schools were energetic and we received warm welcome everywhere we went.

“Please express your happy feelings receiving the bicycles, 3,2,1!”

The students who are going to use the bicycles helped us unload the bicycles from the truck at some schools.
The voices such as
“wow, this seems to be pretty good!” or
“Yay, so happy to get mine!” went up from these students.

Although SAP has cleaned them, the bicycles were illegally parked bicycles originally, and some of them are partly covered with rust. We honor the students and teachers who didn’t make any unpleasant faces but just appreciated the things we provided.

“yay we got the bicycles!”

Although worries for the unknown future remain in Fukushima, people are trying to live strong. We will continue to support these people from various aspects.
We appreciate your help.


We appreciate your continuous support and assistance to the people affected by the disaster.
You can also support by donating to ADRA through credit cards, bank transfer and postal transfer.

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