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International Experts Symposium on Radiation and Health Risks -5 [2011年10月14日(Fri)]

International Experts Symposium on Radiation and Health Risks -5
-Three-hour Press Briefing-

The first international experts symposium that took place in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident was simultaneously U-streamed in English and Japanese to the world. In this way, I believe we were able to establish the transparency and accountability of the conference.
Seventy-six journalists from 33 companies packed the press briefing. NHK, the Japanese national broadcasting station, sent 10 reporters, the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper 7, Yomiuri 4, Kyodo News 4, Jiji Press 3, Nikkei Shimbun 3. Other media such as Sankei and Mainichi Shimbuns were also represented. As reported earlier, due to the delayed preparation of the recommendations, the briefing began twenty minutes later than planned.

I believed that it was essential to have collaboration of the media in coping with the insecurities of the people, therefore I asked all 31 foreign experts to be present. All of them willingly consented despite their jet lag and the pressure of the two-day conference.

I opened the meeting stating that the commentators and self-proclaimed experts have added to fear of the people by providing analysis and explanations on radiation exposure not backed up by scientific evidence. This irresponsible and low-quality information had only confused citizens regarding the real situation. Therefore, there was an abject need for providing scientifically correct information by bringing together the wisdom of experts worldwide.

I promised that the press meeting would have no time limit, and remained committed until all questions were answered. Our overseas experts responded to every question kindly and thoroughly. By the time the last question was answered, the meeting had taken over 3 hours. It was rewarding for me as the organizer to have journalists on their feet to express with such enthusiasm.

It is very much to be hoped that all concerned will draw solid conclusions based on scientific data rather than simply passing on statements made by amateur commentators and ‘experts’ lacking knowledge.

While the government and Tokyo Electric Power Company should be held accountable for their poor response thus far, I urge that each of us should play a role in supporting the reconstruction of Fukushima, by for example choosing to purchase agricultural produce from Fukushima to counter the negative rumors.

The reconstruction of Fukushima is an obligation to be borne by all of us in Japan.
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