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Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Activities [2011年06月27日(Mon)]

Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Activities
--The Third Support Package: The Nippon Foundation Press Briefing--

2p.m., Tuesday, June 21, 2011
The Nippon Foundation Building, Second Floor Conference Room

Great East Japan Earthquake, Third Support Package was announced at the press briefing to which 72 reporters from 68 media organizations were present.
While some items have already been reported by media, others have not, therefore, let me briefly introduce the contents of the package.

1) International Expert Conference will be organized in Fukushima to discuss: Radiation and Health Risks concerning the unprecedented Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident.
At present rumors concerning the Fukushima nuclear power plants have circulated throughout the world, to an extent far beyond the imagination of us Japanese. The government, however, has not provided the world with effective information in this regard.
The conference will be supported by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs; Economy, Trade and Industry; Health, Labour and Welfare; Land, Infrastructure Transport, and Tourism; Environment; and the Fukushima Prefecture. The Conference has already received applications for participation from world renowned authorities on radiation.
The Nippon Foundation has a ten-year experience of providing support to Chernobyl. Through this conference it is hoped that concrete measures for Japan to take would emerge, as well as disseminating throughout the world the actual and correct state of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

2) Twenty under water robots will be used to conduct seabed investigation of the sunken rubble jointly with the University of Tokyo and others to pursue the feasibility of reopening fishing activities. We hope to be able to give even a small light of hope to people whose livelihoods depend on the sea.

3) Donation of teaching vessels will be made to high schools related to the sea. They will include practical training vessels for the acquisition of small vessel operation license and teaching vessels for acquisition of sea technology licenses. Without these teaching and training vessels students will not be able to undergo practical training and be ready on graduation to find sea-related jobs. Thirteen boats, to the cost of 80 million yen will be donated to five schools.

4) A total of 1.35 billion yen will be donated to 37 shipbuilding companies employing 2100 people and 150 ship related manufacturers employing 2200 persons aiming at a minimum level of plant operations. This package will ensure employment of 4300 persons.

5) The auction held in London for Stradivarius “The Lady Blunt” fetched 1,274.2 million yen, four times the price of the previous sale. With the whole proceeds donated by Nippon Music Foundation, The Nippon Foundation will establish “Traditional Culture Promotion Fund” and plans to support mainly the revival of Matsuri festivals of disaster areas and other traditional cultural events.

6) As already introduced in my blog dated June 20, we will be collaborating with gal moms to organize support projects for young mothers in the affected areas.

7) The million yen promised and presented to NPOs in the immediate aftermath of the great earthquake has reached to date a total of 447,448,000 yen given to 471 projects of 456 groups. Three months from the disaster, we have decided to support groups that will provide professional activities needed in the disaster areas. Incidentally, a million yen ceiling will be removed.

8) Projects providing mental and all-round pre- and post-natal care for expecting mothers in the disaster areas will be conducted with the cooperation of Natural Lawson.

9) The Nippon Foundation will build a temporary welfare house named “The Nippon Foundation Home” for the disaster stricken persons with handicap. This barrier-free temporary housing will be opened with resident helpers with professional qualifications in welfare service.

10) Mr. Masayoshi Son has personally donated 100 million yen.

For further details please visit “the Nippon Foundation’s Great East Japan Earthquake Support Measures”.
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