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The Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Activities [2011年05月16日(Mon)]

Golden Egg ?

The Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Activities
The World’s Greatest Treasure ~Stradivarius to be Auctioned

Nippon Music Foundation, a partner foundation of the Nippon Foundation owns nineteen famed Stradivarius masterpiece stringed instruments with the objective of supporting global cultural activities. The Foundation is the world’s largest collector/custodian yet not only for the sake of collection but for the loan of the instruments gratis to those world accomplished, as well as to young promising musicians who are selected by an international Loan Committee (Chairman of the Committee, Lorin Maazel), and have over the years given pleasure to classic music fans around the world. The efforts made by Ms. Kazuko Shiomi, the President of the Nippon Music Foundation have brought about the recognition of the good work of this Foundation.

It has been decided that one of the instruments will be auctioned in June for the support of the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

This violin made by Antonio Stradivari in 1721 is called Lady Blunt due to the fact that it was once owned by the daughter of Lord Byron, the poet. It is a gem with its shimmer and the shape preserved almost in perfect condition as when it was made. The June auction has already been reported by world leading media such as the Wall Street Journal, the BBC and those in China, and is already drawing attention globally.

There are billionaires in Russia and China with assets above our imagination. A few years ago, the news of a Russian oil king who bought the Romanov Imperial Easter Eggs at a very high price became the talk of the town.

The Imperial Easter Eggs are an exquisite arts and crafts work of eggs adorned with jewelry and enamel. The Tsar commissioned the workshop of Peter Carl Fabergé every year to give as gift to his wife and empress dowager. It is said that there are about forty of these Fabergé eggs in the world today, a number of which are exhibited at the Moscow Kremlin Armory (more precisely the Treasury).

The famous Forbes family of the American economic journal Forbes is also one of the collectors of these Easter Eggs. When I was visiting New York a few years back, I had the opportunity of admiring their beautiful collection that was displayed on the first floor of their office, to my heart’s content.

A few years ago, the Russian oil king heard that the Forbes family was going to auction nine of their valuable collection pieces together with other works of arts and crafts. This oil king, who made the decision to acquire them, apparently bought them before the auction was held. The official price has never been announced but it is said to be 80 million US dollars, or even 120 million US dollars.

The nine beautiful Imperial Easter Eggs are works of arts and crafts adorned lavishly with jewelry. Our one Stradivarius violin is of no comparison in value but believing that there are benevolent individuals in the world I pray that this beautiful instrument will be successfully sold to a high bidder.
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