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Salary man Senryu** [2011/04/28]
Salary man Senryu**

I have given myself a little time away from my daily work and selected a few outstanding (maybe?) poems that made me chuckle from the [Salary men Senryu Contest] sponsored by the Dai-ichi Life-insurance Co., Ltd..

The salary men of Japan, who are the hardest working people and who have supported the high economic growth period of Japan are now reaching the age of retirement. Therefore they are no longer the most diligent workers but, on the contrary, they are people who enjoy living in a country with the most number of national holidays.

But I have never heard of a country where the dates of national holidays that are already established by the government are changed by the legislation for conveniently creating more long-weekends.

Examples of such changes are the [Marine Day] from July 20th to the third Monday of July and [Greenery Day] from April 29th to May 4th to fill in one more holiday in between two already observed national holidays, May 3rd. and 5th..The result is that the very significance of these special days is lost. It is nothing but an obvious show on the part of the politicians selling their favors with the people.

Salary men that commute by train, packed like sardines for more than two hours each way, day after day, is a sight unique to Japan and long known to the world. I feel a touch of pathos in such a sight yet I would like to sincerely applaud the corporate warriors of Japan, who nevertheless continue to devote themselves to their work.

1. Paying tax risking your life, Mr. Smoker?
2. Moistening finger-tips to turn pages on iPad.
3. What never rises at age fifty; salary, position and stiff, painful shoulders.
4. How I long to bundle together my hair and subordinates.
5. Finally introducing my wife, a well-featured lady, but oh! so expensive.
6. Child care finished, now parent care..
7. Romantic heartbeat when young, arrhythmia after forty.
8. Searching for a mission, changes jobs, now jobless.
9. “Want dinner tonight?”comes an email from my wife sitting next to me.
10. Boss blowing his trumpet, I cleaning his trumpet.
11. “Do as you like” used to be love, now indifference.
12. Remote controller no good for lowering wife’s voice
13. Need to pay for wife’s education not the son’s.
14. Hierarchical ranking even at a pub, drinking.
15. “You’re home early!” grumbles a girl playing house.
16. How nice it would be to choose a boss by draft system.
17. The first praise given me at farewell party.

**Senryu are short poems that became popular around the middle of the Edo period. There are no regulations on kigo or kireji (exclamatory words), and are composed in colloquial language. They capture the amusing and ironic in human foibles, the times, and popular culture. These senryu must be written about things that occur in the home or workplace, and many of the poems are poignant reflections of the times.

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