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Report on “The 5th Taiwan-Japan Dialogue for the New Era” Held on November 19, 2011 [2011年11月24日(Thu)]

Responding to the increasing importance of strengthening cooperative relations between Japan and the East Asian countries, the Ocean Policy Research Foundation, since fiscal year 2009 has been holding “Taiwan-Japan Dialogue for the New Era” with Taiwanese intellectuals in cooperation with Japanese learned people and the related Taiwanese institutes.
This dialogue takes place annually, alternately in Japan and in Taiwan and has become a forum for free and active exchange of views on agendas centered on maritime security issues in East Asia.

Hosted by cross strait relations study group the Prospect Foundation, the 5th Dialogue was held in Taiwan.
Intelligent people from Japan and Taiwan gathered and engaged in a lively exchange of views on agendas such as the aftermath of the current US/Europe debt crises, domestic political changes in Taiwan, Japan and the U.S. and their impacts on foreign and security policy, and China’s policy over the North China Sea. The 6th Dialogue is to be held in Japan around March 2012.

The 5th Taiwan-Japan Dialogue for the New Era

Date: Saturday, November 19, 2011 08:30 〜 17:00

Venue: Ambassador Hotel, Taipei

Participants (No prefixed title):
Taiwan -
Louis W.H. TZEN, Chairman, Prospect Foundation
Bih-Jaw LIN, Vice President, National Chengchi University
I-Hsin CHEN, Professor, Graduate Institute of the Americas, Tamkang University
Kristy Tsun-Tzu HSU, Associate Research Fellow, Taiwan WTO Center, Chung Hua Institute for Economic Research
Hsien-Feng LEE, Professor, Department of Economics, National Taiwan University
Lin-Jun WU, Associate Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University
Francis Yi-Hua KAN, Associate Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University
Chyung-Ly LEE, Associate Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University
Chao-Chi LIN, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, National Chengchi University
Yann-Huei SONG, Research Fellow, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica
Ning-Li LANG (VADM of ROC Navy, Ret.), Research Fellow, National Security Division, National Policy Foundation
Kuan-Hsiung WANG, Professor, Graduate Institute of Political Science, National Taiwan Normal University

Japan –
Shinichi KITAOKA, Professor, Graduate School of Law and Politics, Faculty of Law Political Science, University of Tokyo
Masahiro AKIYAMA, Chairman, Ocean Policy Research Foundation
Motoshige ITOH, Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo
Noboru YAMAGUCHI (LTG JGSDF Ret.), Director, Center for Security and Crisis Management, National Defense Academy of Japan
Fumiaki KUBO, Professor, Graduate School for Law and Politics, University of Tokyo
Setsuko KAWAHARA, Senior Research Fellow, International Institute for Peace Studies
Shin KAWASHIMA, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Science, University of Tokyo
Yasuhiro MATSUDA, Associate Professor, Institute for Advance Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo
Masafumi IIDA, Senior Research Fellow, National Institute for Defense Studies
Aki MORI, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science, Doshisha University

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Report:“Forum on Capacity Building for Maritime Law Enforcement Organization in Neighboring States of Somalia was held on November 2, 2011 at the Nippon Foundation, Tokyo, Japan. [2011年11月07日(Mon)]

Piracy incidents have become a matter of course in the surrounding sea of Somalia, and the area of occurrence is expanding.
In light of such a current state, the Ocean Policy Research Foundation jointly sponsored with the Japan Coast Guard, held the “Forum on Capacity Building for Maritime Law Enforcement Organization in Neighboring States of Somalia,” for the second straight year, inviting high rank working level officials from six neighboring states of Somalia and Puntland, who are engaging in counter-piracy measures, and representatives of IMO and ReCAAP (Information Sharing Center-ISC).

Arguments and discussions at the Forum were launched with those invitees for this year including, more precisely, the high rank working level officials from Oman, Djibouti, Tanzania, Kenya, Seychelles, and Puntland, in addition to the experts of counter-piracy issue of the IMO and ReCAAP (ISC), and some representatives from the United States and the European Union.

The Forum proceeded first with a brief introduction of the summary of the expert meeting which had taken place on the previous day by Dr. Yoshihiko Yamada, Professor of Tokai University concurrently a research fellow of the Ocean Policy Research Foundation, and then, presentation speeches on the current state of the counter-piracy measures of those neighboring states by the presenters from each country and area.
Notable is the presentation made by the representative invited from Puntland, who voiced even his own life experience.
Moreover, it was revealed in the reports of the presenters from those states that some specific measures are about to start, such as the “Information Sharing Center” based on the IMO’s Djibouti Code.

Meeting at the Forum were about 170 people, who gained valuable information of participating states.
There were heated questions and answers. From the core representatives, voices reached the sponsors that this particular Forum was very valuable as a place where they could appeal to international society about their efforts for the counter-piracy issue.

Forum on Capacity Building for Maritime Law Enforcement Organization
in Neighboring States of Somalia

Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2011. 14:30 〜 17:00
Venue: The Nippon Foundation Conference Hall, 2nd floor of The Nippon Foundation

 Dr. Yoshihiko Yamada, Professor of Tokai University, Research Fellow of Ocean Policy Research Foundation
 Mr. Shinji Nitta, Director, International Criminal Investigation Division, Guard and Rescue Department, Japan Coast Guard
 Mr. Wise Omar Bogoreh, Commandant of Djibouti Coast Guard
 Mr. Boniface Okumu Musumba, Security Officer of Kenya Port Authority
 Mr. Al Owaisi Ahmed Ali Hashil, Asst. Officer Commanding of Royal Oman Police, Coast Guard
 Mr. Leslie Andre Benoiton, Operation Officer of Seychelles Coast Guard
 Mr. Ken Michael Chimwejo, Watch Officer of Tanzania, SUMATRA (MRCC/ISC)
 Mr. Saeed Farah Mohamed Rage, Minister of Ministry of Maritime Transport, Ports and Counter Piracy, Puntland
 Mr. Osamu Marumoto, Project Officer, Counter Piracy Project Implementation, IMO
 Mr. Yoshihisa Endou, Executive Director, ReCAAP・ISC

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OPRF held Third FY 2011 Meeting of “The Arctic Conference Japan” on November 1, 2011 [2011年11月07日(Mon)]

With the decrease in ice in the Arctic Ocean due to global climate change, utilization of the ocean space in the area for commercial sea route and exploration and exploitation of sea-bed resources is gathering momentum.

It was in this background the Ocean Policy Research Foundation (OPRF) established “The Arctic Conference Japan” in July 2010 with a view to giving guidance to the Government of Japan by providing proposals as to how best the Government of Japan may formulate policies and strategy in these matters.
In the present fiscal year (FY 2011) in undertaking its task OPRF contemplates to publicize to the Japanese nation policy proposals providing the directions that Japan should proceed to, in light of its national interest as well as the interest of the rest of the world by grasping the comprehensive and multi-dimensional aspects of the Arctic Ocean-related issues based on the presentations and discussions at the present Meeting.

The Third Meeting was focused on the subject of “International logistics in the East Asian Region in the wake of the emergence of the Northern Sea Route”.
Following the presentations given by the following three experts in their respective fields the Meeting considered the subject matters: Mr. Tadashi Sugimoto, Special Researcher, Hokkaido Intellect Tank; Mr. Satoshi Sakai, Senior Advisor, Europe, CIS, Africa & The Middle East Office, Global Strategy & Coordination Dept.; and Dr. Natsuhiko Otsuka, Director, R&D, Management Planning Department, North Japan Port Consultants Co., Ltd.

Mr. Sugimoto provided information on Russia’s logistics by road and rail transportation and strategy in these areas, which have relevance to the transportation by sea through the North Sea Route when it comes to considering the Northern Sea Route.
Since the USSR days there existed virtually no modes of transportation other than rail supporting logistics connecting the Eastern region and Western region of the country.
In the recent years, however, in his findings, Russian Government has shifted towards attaching more importance to strengthening logistic infrastructure in view of its new policy including the Eastern Vector policy under which disparity correction and importance of Asian market have become more prominent feature of the policy.

Mr. Sakai explained the recent trend and plans of Russia’s energy export and analyzed that the logicality of utilization of the North Sea Route depends very much on development and availability of alternative energy source.
Furthermore, if the North Sea Route was utilized after all the technical difficulties were overcome, it would economically strengthen and enhance Russia’s export competitiveness.

Dr. Otsuka explained the present state of the infrastructure of ports in the Russian Arctic Ocean coast and water transportation through rivers flowing into the Arctic Ocean.
At present the environmental conditions supporting safe navigation in frozen sea are not sufficient enough, and furthermore it is noted that the conditions are not sufficient as supporting infrastructure for commercial navigation in such ocean.
In his view it is essential to build a structure and system which are economically competitive in the areas of hub ports, transshipment/feeder networks in order for the North Sea Route to be considered as one of the realistic options.

In the remainder of the FY2011 the Fourth and final Meeting (Seventh Meeting in sequence from 2010) of “The Arctic Conference Japan” is scheduled to be held on March 2, 2012 to finalize its work with a view to formulating policy proposals and preparing report taking into account of all the presentations, proposals and debates since the inception of the Meeting.

1. Land Bridge connecting Europe and the East Asian Region - The Present Situation and Plans of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Road Transportation and Pipelines
  Tadashi Sugimoto
  Special Researcher, Hokkaido Intellect Tank

2. Import of LNG from Russia and Pertaining Problems - Import of LNG from the Yamal Peninsula
  Satoshi Sakai
  Senior Advisor(Russia), Europe, CIS, Africa & The Middle East Office
  Global Strategy & Coordination Dept., Mitsubishi Corporation

3. Logistics and Infrastructure Surrounding the Arctic Ocean Coast and the North Sea Route in the Perspective of the East Asia - Europe marine transportation
   Natsuhiko Otsuka
   Director, R&D, Management Planning Department,
   North Japan Port Consultants Co., Ltd.

The Meeting was held under the auspices of OPRF on November 1, 2011 13:30~17:10 in the Hall on the 10th floor of Kaiyo Senpaku Building, 1-15-16, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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