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Outstanding feat that nobody has ever accomplished![2017年07月17日(Mon)]
Federer accomplished his 8th victory at the Wimbledon, all-time high in the ATP tour, men’s singles. Not a single set he lost. He made a dramatic comeback! Though I missed some games because of my unavoidable engagement, I made time to watch the finals. It was fantastic. I had totally forgotten that I had some other thing very important to do ( something to prepare for the next day) for a while. Now that my task is over, I have some time to read the news articles regarding his wonderful performances.
The following is the one I was most impressed.

" No one knows whether he was disturbed or not when he heard his opponent sobbing during the game. However, his word, which possibly sounded apathetic, was his sympathetic consideration to show respect toward Chilic who said he had done his best without suffering from any troubles at all. At the same time, it was a tribute he paid to the spectators overflowing the center court stadium. "