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A sophisticated discretion![2017年04月21日(Fri)]
Unprecedented silence and a big sigh immediately after. A sophisticated discretion shown by the local TV station for Ichiro’s solo home-run at his former home stadium.

An outfielder, Ichiro, who belongs to the Marlins, hit a dramatic home-run on 19th at Safeco Field, his former home stadium where he used to play so often. He was one of the starting members as the ninth batter and an outfielder in the game against the Mariners he once belonged to. He marked the first home-run of this season at his very last time at bat in the ninth inning. The stadium was filled with enthusiasm when the veteran player struck the big blow in his first triumphal game after he moved to the Marlins in 2015.

The sportscaster and the commentator of the local TV station showed an admirable discretion and kept in silence for about 43 seconds in order to convey this sensational excitement.
For 43 seconds, they didn’t say a word. By telecasting the exciting scene in silence of unusually long 43 seconds, they added a much deeper impression to Ichiro’s home-run, which is referred to as his best performance marked at his “welcome-back” game.