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Application for Guided Tour [2011年08月18日(Thu)]

1. Iga-SGG Club is a volunteer guide group to support foreign tourists so that they can enjoy the Iga area. We are not professional tour guides but our welcome-spirit is over professional.
2. The volunteer tour guide service is free of charge. However, you are expected to pay the following expenses for guides:.a Transportation expenses during the guided tour, if necessary. b. Expenses for food and drink during the guided tour.c. Admission fee (except for the facilities with free admission applicable to Iga SGG club.)d. Any other actual expenses
3. You pay your own transportation fees and admission fees etc..
4. Both the Iga SGG Club and members cannot take responsibility for any accidents, illness and damages during the tour.
5. The application from profit corporations such as travel agencies cannot be accepted generally.
6. Guiding courses and schedules are flexible, so please let us know your plan when you apply. Our guides are more available on weekends. Please understand we cannot always satisfy all requests.
7. Application should be done by e-mail or fax basically at least two weeks prior to the day of your tour. In case of emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us.
8. Your reservation will be completed once confirmed by the Iga SGG club.
9. Your application may not be accepted in some cases.

* Please apply for our guided tour, if you agree to the above. Your inquiries or questions will be welcomed.
** Your donations, especially from organizations or groups, will be welcomed at any time.
Iga SGG club will issue the receipts for your donations. They will be funded for the expenses of the club activities.

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