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(12/22)【English Info】Emergency response in Japan vol.55 [2011年12月22日(Thu)]

On Dec, 10th a rice cake (mochi) festival took place at Okuma temporary housing in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture.

For everyone in Okuma this mochi festival is an important annual event at the end of the year. However, in the temporary housing they do not have the necessary tools for making rice cakes. While everyone was almost giving up the Mochi festival, the chairman and organizer of the temporary housing said: “we need to have this annual mochi festival to cheer up the inhabitants”.

According to the chairman`s requests, ADRA Japan provided with the support of many people the necessary materials to make rice cakes (mochi).

When one is suddenly forced to live in a strange place, it can cause great physical and mental stress as a result of the sudden changes of the surrounding environment. In such cases people can have a sense of security, if they regain a little bit of their original routine and habits. This is not only mentally, but also for a better physical health. By holding the annual rice cake festival in the temporary housing town, we hoped to encourage everyone and contribute to their mental health.

On the eve of the festival, when the ADRA Japan staff brought a mortar and 30 kg glutinous rice, the inhabitants had already gathered and welcome us kindly. They have been waiting for us with excitement.

On the day of the festival many people also gathered in the early morning. The preparation proceed steadily by steaming the rice, chopping the vegetables (for the New Years traditional soup) and making skillfully the rice cakes.

When white steam started rising from the steamer, and glutinous rice because nice and soft, finally the mocha festival began!

While the men enjoyed a competition to see who was the strongest by pounding the rice cakes, the ladies were chatting like fresh flowers by making the New Years meal, the elderly took a taster's role and teaching young generation how to make the New Year dish.

In addition to the New Year dishes, they prepared rice cakes with flour bean paste, radish, and, for the first time challenged by a ADRA Japan staff, with natto (fermented soybeans). Mocha made hand in hand by the people of Okuma tasted so good!

On that day six volunteer students from the Ochanomizu University also came to help. They provided hand and feet massage at the venue, and we enjoyed their laughter.

On the eve of the mochi festival the first snow was falling in Aizu-Wakamatsu. In Okuma, they have less snow. While they were thrilled by the beautiful mountains covered with snow, they were worried about the snow coming to their temporary housing.

ADRA Japan continues to provide its support as needed so that people can overcome a cold winter.

We appreciate your continuous support and assistance to the people affected by the disaster.
You can also support by donating to ADRA through credit cards, bank transfer and postal transfer.

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