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Emergency response in Japan vol.53 [2011年12月14日(Wed)]
~Disaster Volunteer Center in Yamamoto~

Currently, ADRA Japan has been also supporting the running of "Volunteer Disaster Center (Borasen)”, apart from the running of "Yamamoto Reconstruction Liaison Centre." What does the work of “Volunteer Centre?” Today, we will introduce daily activities and the work of Yamamoto Disaster Volunteer Center

Disaster Volunteer Center (“Borasen”) is the platform where the work of volunteers is encouraged in the time of disaster. In Yamamoto town, Volunteer Center was established on March 12, one day after the disaster occurred.

Volunteer Center set up with a mere tent

- One day in Yamamoto Volunteer Center-

8:00 Preparation of Volunteer Center
The reception, the tent where the matching of work and volunteers will be made, and the container office where the volunteers will wait are set up. List of registered volunteers is checked. Equipment used for the work is also prepared.

The inside of the container used as waiting room for volunteers

9:00 Registration starts
Some of the volunteers are waiting as early as 8:00 am.

The reception

9:00 Matching of work and volunteers
The work requested by the affected community and the work volunteers can do is matched. The teams will be built according to gender, experiences, qualifications (e.g. carpenters...).

9:00 Sending out volunteers
After the matching, volunteers go through an introduction to the work and about precautions, then sent to the work site.

A survey about the working places
After volunteers start the work at respective places, staff from the Volunteer Center visit the work sites to do a survey. Also, they visit the clients in preparation for the tools and equipment for the next day.

15:00 - 15:30 Finishing the volunteer activities
The volunteers, who have finished their works, return to the Volunteer Center. After they clean and return the tools, and present the work report, the work of volunteers for the day is finished. The volunteers once they finish the work get homemade Onigiri. (rice balls), prepared by Yamamoto Reconstruction Liaison Center.

16:00 Cleaning up and preparation for the next day
Tens and containers are put down. Documents and lists are prepared for the next day.

17:00 - Meeting
Staff members of Volunteer Center get together and reflect that day by checking the reports of the volunteers and confirming the activities for the next day.

The Volunteer Center in Yamamoto town has been operational almost every day since the earthquake disaster but the role of center is going to be limited after November 20. The center stopped individual volunteers as of this day.

In this regard, November 19-20 was the last weekend individuals volunteers could come and register and help whatever requested by the people of Yamamoto town.

On November 19, came an incredible number of 370 volunteers! That was the highest since the beginning of Volunteer Center. There were six volunteers, who worked before between April and July in the ADRA Dining Hall, registered as volunteers on November 19-20.

After finishing the work on November 20, the Chairman of the Social Welfare Council of Yamamoto gave his warmth greetings and thanks to the volunteers, followed by an offer of refreshments such as soba (Japanese noodles) and nimono (cooked vegetable) meal for everyone. It was well appreciated by volunteers who had worked hard in a cold weather.

Our staff member Ms. Mihara (left) with six former ADRA volunteers

Until now, as many as 23,000 volunteers came from all over the region to help in Yamamoto town. Through everyone’s small assistance and contribution, Yamamoto twn is moving slowly towards recovery. The reconstruction work will not end, but together with the local community ADRA will continue doing our best to support the reconstruction.

We appreciate your continuous support and assistance to the people affected by the disaster.
You can also support by donating to ADRA through credit cards, bank transfer and postal transfer.

[Credit card]

Please refer to the guidance to donate.

[Bank transfer]

Bank name: The Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ (0005)
Branch: Omotesando (133)
Account number: 1956381
Swift code: BOTKJPJT
Account name: ADRA Japan

Please mention [East Japan] in addition to your name.
Should you require the receipt, please also mention your address, phone number, the date and the amount transferred.

[Postal transfer]

Account number: 00290-2-34169
Account name: ADRA Japan
Please mention [East Japan] in addition to your name.
Should you require the receipt, please mention so.
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